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Our Board of Advisors - with professional expertise and extensive experience, the Board of Advisors has advised and assessed our short-term & long-term ideas and strategies; methods for managing, developing human resources & partners; as well as legal consulting, all of which help guarantee CyberKid's effective operation.

General Advisors

Associate Prof. Dr. Anh Ky Nguyen Vo

Director, Insitute for Educational
Research Development of Human Potential

Mrs. Hoa Hoang-Thi

Vice Chairwoman, National Assembly Commitee for Culture, Education, Youth, Adolescents and Children

Mrs. Huong Nguyen-

Chief of the Office, Authority of Information Security

Mr. Dung Nguyen-Huy

Deputy Minister, Ministry of Information and Communications

Mr. Son Dang-Hai

Exective Director, VinCSS Cyber Security Services Co.Ltd.

Mr. Vinh Thai

Associate Professor, RMIT University, Melbourne

Specialist Advisors

Mr. Philip Hung Cao

Key founder & Advisor, Cloud Security
Alliance (#CSAVietnam)

Mr. Luong Truong-Duc

Chief Executie Officer, Vietnam Cyber Security Jcs

Mr. Son Nguyen-Thanh

Chairman Of The Board, Media Ventures Vietnam (MVV Group)

Mr. Duong Truong-Van

Giảng viên khoa Cảnh sát Điều tra,
Học viện Cảnh sát Nhân dân
Cố vấn Nội dung

Mr. Hieu Ngo-Minh

Cybersecurity Specialist, National Cyber Security Center

Mr. Ung Bui-Dinh

Director, Bui Dinh Ung Law Office

Board of Directors

Ms. Quynh Nguyen-Nhu

Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Thu Nguyen-Thi-Ha

Legal Director
Member of the Founding Board

Ms. Anh Luu-Thuy

CyberSchool Director

Ms. My Nguyen-Tra

Vice Managing Director
Head of Research and Development

Ms. Thu Nguyen-Khac-Anh

Finance & Legality Director

Board of Executives

Ms. Nhi Vu-Yen

Vice Head of Marketing

Ms. Trang Nguyen-Phuong

Head of Partnership Development

Ms. Minh Nguyen-Anh

Head of Talent Management

Ms. Khanh Lam Nguyen-Trinh

Vice Head of CyberHome

Ms. Binh Tran-Nhi

Head of CyberHome

Ms. Linh Pham-Ha

Head of CyberSchool

Ms. Thao Pham-Thu

Head of CyberClass

Ms. Thao Duong-Phuong

Head of Finance & Legality

Ms. Giang Nguyen-Huong

Head of CyberHotline
Vice Head of CyberSchool

Children are travelling alone across borders via cyberspace, without any supervision or companion.

Energetic, talented, enthusiastic, and children-loving - Young people from prestigious domestic & international universities have come together as the first generation of CyberKid 's Board of Executives (now Board of Directors), with an ambition to contribute to the development of the nation.

With ambitious, clear strategies and actions, CyberKid aims to to inspire a responsible, talented, and healthy generation of digital citizens to take ownership of their future and devote to the society.

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