Meet Our Team

Our Advisors

The Board of Advisors, comprised of professionals with significant experience and expertise, has provided guidance and assessment for our short-term and long-term ideas and strategies, as well as our methods for managing and developing human resources and partnerships, and legal consulting, which have been instrumental in ensuring CyberKid's effective operation.

General Advisors

Associate Prof. Dr. Anh Ky Nguyen Vo

Director, Insitute for Educational
Research Development of Human Potential
Mrs. Hoa Hoang-Thi
Vice Chairwoman, National Assembly Commitee for Culture, Education, Youth, Adolescents and Children
Mrs. Huong Nguyen-Thi-Thu
Chief of the Office, Authority of Information Security
Mr. Dung Nguyen-Huy

Deputy Minister, Ministry of Information and Communications
Mr. Son Dang-Hai

Exective Director, VinCSS Cyber Security Services Co.Ltd.
Mr. Vinh Thai

Associate Professor, RMIT University, Melbourne

Specialist Advisors

Mr. Philip Hung Cao
Key founder & Advisor, Cloud Security
Alliance (#CSAVietnam)
Mr. Luong Truong-Duc
Technical Advisor
Chief Executie Officer, Vietnam Cyber Security Jcs
Mr. Son Nguyen-Thanh
Content Advisor
Chairman of the Board, Media Ventures Group (MVV)
Mr. Duong Truong-Van
Communications Advisor
Lecturer of the Department of Investigative Police, People's Police Academy
Mr. Hieu Ngo-Minh
Content Advisor
Cybersecurity Specialist, National Cyber Security Center
Mr. Ung Bui-Dinh
Legal advisor
Director, Bui Dinh Ung Law Office

Board of Directors

Board of Executives

"Children are traveling solo across borders through cyberspace, without supervision or companionship."
The first generation of the CyberKid Board of Executives (now Board of Directors) comprises talented, enthusiastic, and driven young individuals from prestigious domestic and international universities who are passionate about serving children and youth and contributing to the nation's growth.

Our prize


1st runner-up in KAWAI START-UP CONTEST 2021

Organizational culture

One of CyberKid Vietnam's strengths is our humans and culture. Based on our 5 core values, ​​CyberKid Vietnam is always confident to develop a young, bright-minded, cultured, critical, proactive and constantly learning future workforce for the sustainable development of our country.


We are eager to learn new things; We apply science and reliable sources of knowledge in everything we do.



We are non-judgmental of differences; We embrace the feelings of people and take action when they are in need.



We are not afraid of uncertainty; We dare to set high goals and never stop betting on our strengths.



We are responsible for our action and accountable to our results; We always finish what we have started.



We are happy to create changes with people; We put aside our ego to listen and focus on our common goals.


Transportation partners

Business partners

Community partners

Strategic partners

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