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CyberKid Vietnam was founded with the mission to ensure the safety of Vietnamese children from potential cyber threats when interacting on the Internet.

Member Recruitment

CyberKid Vietnam's official member recruitment takes place twice in September and March every year. CyberKid is looking for young people between the ages of 18-25, living in Hanoi, interested in social activities and especially interested in child protection.

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Volunteer's Short-term Networking

CyberKid Vietnam's Short-Term Volunteer Program trains young people aged 16-25 to become collaborators with CyberKid, directly implementing Child Protection solutions, projects and programs from cyberspace to the community.

The program is held all year round with many interesting short-term volunteer opportunities to help you enrich your extracurricular activities profile. 

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Our team

Despite the fact that the majority of members operating social enterprises are young university students, CyberKid always strives to support them in advancing professional working skills, orienting their self-development paths, as well as providing them the best experience possible while studying and working at CyberKid.

Talent Selection process:

Every year, CyberKid holds two significant recruitments in Hanoi Selection process:

All candidates must go through 04 formal selection rounds, including the Application round, the Assessment Center round (group test), the Functional interview, and the Individual interview.

Candidates who pass the final interview will undergo a probationary month before becoming an official member of CyberKid Vietnam.

Youth with CyberKid

01. Self-development opportunities

Developing soft skills, professional skills through a practical and professional working environment.

02. Make positive impacts on the community

Directly impacting and driving change in the community

03. Expand and develop relationships

Connecting talented young people with the same direction and interests

04. Receive a certificate when leaving CyberKid at the end of term or semester

What our members say about CyberKid Vietnam

We identify that in the future, CyberKid will act as not only an organization providing practical solutions for the community to protect Children in cyberspace, but also a high-quality human resource incubator for the Vietnamese government, enterprises, and respected non-governmental and non-profit organizations.

The students after graduating from University and CyberKid Vietnam have now become brilliant interns and employees working at large corporations, constantly spreading the image of CyberKid members as honest, hard-working, enthusiastic, and highly skilled individuals.
  • “To me, the journey with CyberKid is really meaningful and full of joy. Company with CyberKid, I have grown a lot. Growing up from the way of reframing our life to the way enjoy daily living. I appreciate what I have now as well as improve myself day-by-day to contribute to society"

    - Cai Phan-Thuy

    - Internal Communications Manager - Talent Management Department (2020-2021)

    - Business Development Intern at ZingPlay Game Studio - VNG

  • "CyberKid has helped completed me.
    I'm a technology major who has always been proud of my specialized skills. However, the labor market needs so much more. Fortunately, after joining CyberKid, I was trained to strengthen my communication, problem-solving, collaboration, and adaptability skills, all of which have helped me thrive and become one of the most well-rounded employees at my current company."

    Anh Nguyen- Duc

    • Content Development Executive - CyberClass Solution (2020-2021)
    • Senior Cybersecurity Specialist, Techcombank
  • “Working at CyberKid gave me the opportunity to develop and enhance my professional communication skills in both written and spoken languages. Even though I am one of E&Y's youngest auditors, the skills has helped me acquire confidence while working with partners. All of that confidence was formed and nurtured by CyberKid, which is why I'm always pleased to call myself a CyberKiddo."

    Yen Nguyen-Bao

    • Partner Development Specialist
    • CyberHome Solution Department (2020-2021) - Audit Assistant, Core Assurance services, Ernst & Young Vietnam
  • "CyberKid offers me leadership training opportunities. Moreover, at CyberKid Vietnam, all members are encouraged to experience being in a leader position. This opportunity has helped me to practice and further improve my skills, which makes me feel more confident when applying for senior positions at large corporations despite my very young age."

    Duc Do-Minh

    • Partner Development Manager
    • Partnership Development Development (2020-2021) Deputy Manager- Central Retail Vietnam

Organizational culture

One of CyberKid Vietnam's strengths is our humans and culture. Based on our 5 core values, ​​CyberKid Vietnam is always confident to develop a young, bright-minded, cultured, critical, proactive and constantly learning future workforce for the sustainable development of our country.

5 CoreValues


We are eager to learn new things; We apply science and reliable sources of knowledge in everything we do.


We are non-judgmental of differences; We embrace the feelings of people and take action when they are in need


We are not afraid of uncertanty; We dare to set high goals and never stop betting on our strengths


We are responsible for our action and accountable to our results; We always finish what we have started.


We are happy to create changes with people; We put aside our ego to listen and focus on our common goals
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