Join CyberKid

CyberKid Vietnam was born with the desire to develop a generation of responsible, talented and healthy digital citizens to master their own future and society.

Member Recruitment

CyberKid Vietnam's official member recruitment takes place twice in September and March every year. CyberKid is looking for young people between the ages of 18-22, living in Hanoi àn Ho Chi Minh city, interested in social activities and especially interested in child protection.

What our members say about CyberKid Vietnam

We identify that in the future, CyberKid will not only act as an organization providing practical solutions for the community to protect Children in cyberspace, but also a high-quality human resource incubator for the Vietnamese government, enterprises, and respected non-governmental and non-profit organizations.

The students after graduating from University and CyberKid Vietnam have now become brilliant interns and employees working at large corporations, constantly spreading the image of CyberKid members as honest, hard-working, enthusiastic, and highly skilled individuals.
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