The Solution for schools.
Solutions for Schools, providing free 45- to 90-minute "Internet Safety" classes at primary and secondary schools to improve knowledge and skills to use the Internet safely and effectively for children in the current digital transformation era.



CyberSchool is one of four solutions of CyberKid and the first solution launched in the CyberKid ecosystem.

CyberSchool is one of the four solutions in CyberKid's ecosystem and was also the first solution launched by CyberKid Vietnam.

CyberSchool aims to provide basic knowledge about Internet safety to more than 24 million students through a 45-to-90-minute session that is, and will continue to be brought directly to each class in every school in Vietnam, including elementary schools, secondary schools, and high schools.

CyberSchool's Memorable Moments


CyberSchool's main audiences are students aged 9-15 years old (3rd to 10th grade) in elementary schools, secondary schools, and high schools in Vietnam.

CyberKid believes that children are the most vulnerable group in cyberspace. However, schools, in which children spend most of their daytime, have not had any effective policies or activities to teach students about cyber safety.

Therefore, CyberSchool identifies students as the main target with the desire to provide them with an initial approach and awareness regarding cyber safety. Additionally, CyberSchool will become the solution that helps schools in terms of effectively raising students' awareness about Internet safety.


CyberSchool has been working with experts and organizations in the education, psychology, and information technology industries to create the most appropriate, appealing and useful lesson plans for each age group, to make significant positive impacts on children.

At the same time, for the 45-to-90-minute class to be deployed nationwide, CyberSchool will continuously carefully select and educate local Volunteers network. Then, local Volunteers will directly deliver the Internet safety class to students in every region of Vietnam.


The CyberSchool process brings programs to students:


Developing lesson plans suitable for each age group, with the support of experts and organizations.


Recruiting and training volunteers through cooperation with universities in the region.


Deploying classes in elementary, middle and high schools and assigning volunteers to each class, directly imparting knowledge to students.


The difference of the CyberSchool's class stands out 3 factors:


CyberSchool's classroom teaching team is a force of volunteer students selected from the top universities in the country.

High level of interaction between students with lesson plan content and volunteers due to small class sizes, thereby increasing students' ability to acquire knowledge.
A high level of awareness in the community, not only at the beneficiaries of the solution, is students because it mobilizes many social sectors to participate such as schools, teachers, coordinators, etc. project staff, project volunteers.
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