The solution for victims.

The solution provides free consulting and support services for the cases of Children being attacked in cyberspace by offering solutions based on 4 factors: psychological, legal, technological, and practical see-off.


Speak To Top 

#SpeakToStop is a campaign launched by CyberHotline after we continuously received reports about a group of children under 16 being threatened and bullied online by Facebook group traders.

Following the issue's verification, CyberHotline and the victims decided to share this story publicly to raise community awareness about child cyberbullying. After 14 days, the #SpeakToStop campaign has garnered widespread attention and community support.

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Victim's sharing


CyberHotline is 1 of 4 CyberKid's solutions, launched in November, 2020.

CyberHotline provides counseling and free assistance services for children attacked in cyberspace based on 4 elements: psychology, legality, technology and practicality.


CyberHotline's audience are Children who directly affected by cyber-attacks and those who witness such incidents.

CyberHotline focuses on Children because Children are the most likely target group to become victims of cyber threats. We focus on providing solutions to the following 07 dangers: online fraud, identity theft, cyberbullying, game addiction, sexual abuse, human trafficking and illegal and prohibited content


CyberHotline has been working under a network of expert partners with extensive experience in the field of network security.

At the same time, CyberHotline's response team includes a team of call center consultants and online chat channels to promptly provide the most effective support to victims.


CyberHotline's victim response process:

Accept every situation with empathy.
Respond to contact person within 90 minutes of receiving the case.
Research and advise on cases according to 4 main aspects: legal, psychological, technological, and practical.

Continue to follow up on the case after the contact has received support.

Any case outside of CyberHotline's scope of expertise will be forwarded to the Expert Partner network for timely and appropriate audience support.

CyberHotline's team of consultants will closely follow and accompany the subject while the subject receives support from the expert Partner network.


The difference of CyberHotline stands out 2 factors:


Flexible and appropriate handling measures for the circumstances of the incident and the victim's circumstances due to the continuous updating of psychological, legal and technological supporting documents.


High level of effectiveness of measures for victims due to the co-operation and follow-up of the counselor with the victim for 1-3 months during the counseling process. We work to make sure victims are not alone on their journey to protect themselves.

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