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Solution for Victims.
CyberHotline provides counseling and assistance services for children attacked in cyberspace based on 4 elements: psychology, legality, technology, and practicality
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"Speak to Stop" Campaign

#SpeakToStop is a campaign launched by CyberHotline after we continuously received reports about a group of children under 16 being threatened and bullied online by Facebook group traders. Following the issue's verification, CyberHotline and the victims decided to share this story publicly to raise community awareness about child cyberbullying. After 14 days, the #SpeakToStop campaign has garnered widespread attention and community support.
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Victim's Sharing

"Thank you so much. This is the first time I've been brave enough to share my story" 
Victim of cyber sexual harassment.
"Absolutely 5/5 points! CyberHotline was very supportive and enthusiastic when answering my question, which made me feel more at ease" 
Victim of identity theft.
" Thank you CyberKid for caring about me. I have been awared of cyber threats and also warned about this to people like me ^^"
Victim of cyber sexual harassment.


CyberHotline is the solution for victims, launched in November, 2020.

CyberHotline provides counseling and assistance service for childrren attacked in cyberspace based on 4 elements: psychology, legality, technology and practicality => Update: CyberHotline, along with CyberSchool, are the two first-launched solutions in CyberKid ecosystem.


CyberHotline's target audiences are children directly affected by cyber attacks and those who witness such incidents.

CyberHotline focuses on children, because children are the most likely group to become "victims" of cyber threats. We focus on providing solutions to the following 07 potential cyber threats: Internet fraud, identity theft, cyberbullying, game addiction, sexual abuse, prohibited content, and human trafficking.


To provide the most effective support, CyberHotline team includes:
- Crisis Response team on call center and online chat channel
- Advisors and Experts Network


CyberHotline's response process begins with taking in every case with empathy. The empathetic crisis response agents put themselves in the shoes of the victims, and handle every case with utmost care.

Step 1:

Receive every case with empathy.

Step 2:

Respond to the victims within 90 minutes after receiving the case.

Step 3:

Research and advise on cases based on 4 main elements: psychology, legality, technology, and practicality.

Step 4:

Follow up with the case even after the victim has received their needed support.



Providing flexible solutions that are suitable to the unique situation of each victim.


Highly effective assisting solutions for victims and witnesses, including one to three months of post-counseling assistance to ensure victims are not alone in their journey toward self-protection.
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