An educational platform that provides paid online courses for Parents to enhance digital capabilities and strengthen Vietnamese families' connections in digital transformation era.
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CyberHome is the last solution for the community to be launched in CyberKid's ecosystem. It is the only for-profit solution for CyberKid to achieve financial autonomy and develop sustainably without having to rely on third parties. CyberHome's revenue is also the cash flow reinvested in CyberKid's non-profit solutions for Children, including CyberSchool, CyberClass, and CyberHotline.

With the brand positioning of an educational platform providing online courses taking just 5 minutes a day, CyberHome is the leading pioneer in providing basic digital knowledge and skills to help millions of Vietnamese families adapt to the changes of the digital transformation era as well as utilize technology to connect families in a modern and civilized way.


CyberHome identifies parents as the target audience, who lack knowledge and skills while using the Internet, as well as lack time and connection with their children. However, they still want to improve their digital capabilities along with their ability to accompany and protect their families in cyberspace.

From this perspective, CyberHome strives to:
- Build tools, learning materials and interactive space to equip parents with basic knowledge about digital competence and optimize their Internet skills.

- Orient civilized parenting thinking in the digital transformation era to erase the generation gap between parents and children, serving as a basis for accompanying, connecting, protecting and being friends with children in digital space.

CyberHome's main products are Online courses for Parents and School, and Seminars for School and Business.


CyberHome team members, a group of young talents with a modernized perspective being close-knit and empathetic with children, are collaborating with the specialized coaches on cybersecurity, online safety, and parenting to conduct high-quality courses and workshops meeting parents' needs.

We also develop a customer service team professional in counseling and assistance to take care of customers and prioritize the customer experience.


To register for CyberHome's online courses, parents can contact us via our fanpage, website, or leave information through the available registration form.

CyberHome Team will contact customers according to their preferred time, and provide advice and support for parents regarding the courses' content and further accompanied services.

After completing payment, parents will receive a confirmation email and our instructions to officially participate in the learning course.

With Seminar - organizing services for School and Enterprise, please contact us via fanpage or email for further detailed information and discussion.

CyberHome commits to:


Constantly updating and upgrading the quality, ensuring the content is renewed to suit the needs of each product beneficiary.


Reinvesting our revenue in CyberKid's non-profit products, including CyberSchool, CyberClass, and CyberHotline.


The difference in CyberHome's course lies in 3 factors:


Creative and proactive in building content and providing knowledge for Parents to protect and connect with their children, as well as adapt to the current digital trend in Vietnam and wordwide.


Focusing on providing parents with effective tips, technological tools, and detailed instructions that can be applied practically, instead of mentioning theories only.


Product models are constantly updated to fit customers' demands: With online courses and webinars, CyberHome makes every effort to renew, rebuild, and individualize the content of each module based on the demand and concerns of each parental group. Regarding video-format courses, parents only need to spend 5 minutes a day to complete one module.
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