Our solution for Children.
CyberClass provides 100% free online courses to discover and foster talents in Cybersecurity.


CyberClass is one of the four main solutions of CyberKid, which was launched in December, 2020.
CyberClass provides 100% free online courses to discover and foster talents in Cybersecurity.


The target students of CyberClass are secondary school and high school students who are gifted and have passion for the field of Cybersecurity.

To sign up for CyberClass's courses, children will first need to take an entrance exam. Then, the CyberClass team will consult students about which course would suit them the most.


CyberClass has been collaborating with experts and organizations in the education and the Information Security industry with the aim of developing and delivering the most appropriate curriculum content for each age group.

Furthermore, CyberClass's Content Development Executive are talented students who are majoring in Information Security, Information Technology at leading domestic universities.

Mr. Chi Hoang-Cao

Position: Penetration Tester
Company: Network Security Specialist

Mr. Huy Nguyen-Duc

Position: Security Audit
Company: VNG

Mr. Tho Huynh-Phuoc

Position: Security Engineer
Company: SenDo

Mr. Dung Do-Manh

Position: Penetration Tester
Company: FPT Information System

Mr. Linh Nguyen-Hoai

Position: Lecturer
Company: FPT-Jetking
Position: Communication
Engineering Specialist
Company: Vietnam Network

Ms. Trang Doan-Thanh

Company: FPT-Jetking


CyberClass's courses are assessed by CyberKid's Specialist Partners. During the learning process, students will be supported and consulted by CyberClass's experts team.

In addition to providing knowledge like other regular courses, students will participate in activities organized by CyberClass to connect them with Cybersecurity experts and help them apply the knowledge they have learned into practical exercises.

After completing the course, students will take the final exam and receive a certificate of completion from CyberKid Vietnam.



CyberClass is one of the pioneering teams to teach children about Cyber Security in Vietnam.


Students who show promising potential will have their information sent to schools and related educational centers, institutions for further talent nurturing in the field of Cybersecurity from an eary age
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